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Espoz y Mina 8 · Madrid · 28012 · Spain
Telf: +34 91 521 31 14 · Fax: +34 91 532 70 78

Preguntas frecuentes del hotel Alhambra

What time is check in and check out?
Check in from 12:p.m. and check out before 12.00 p.m.
Can I leave the room late?
Can I choose the type of bed in my room? (Large bed – two beds)
Yes, whenever possible, we will try to satisfy your request.
Do the rooms have a balcony or terrace? Can I reserve one?
The majority of the rooms are interior without a balcony or terrace. Specify your request when making your reservation and we will do all we can to satisfy it.
Are there non-smoking rooms?
How many storeys does the building have? Is there a lift?
The hostel is on the second floor. Yes there is a lift (elevator).
Is there air conditioning in the rooms? Does it work all year round?
Is your hotel adapted for the handicapped?
Can you keep my luggage when I leave the room?
Yes, not problem.
Is there a safe place to park my car? How much does it cost?
There are several public car parks close to the hostel.
Does the hotel have an Internet or e-mail terminal for guests?
Yes. Yes.
Do you have a quiet, romantic room? How can I reserve it?
There are quiet, interior rooms. With hardly any noise.
What languages are spoken in Reception?
Spanish and English.
How far are you from the Puerta del Sol?
A 1-minute walk.
How far are you from the Prado Museum?
A 10-minutes walk.
How much does a taxi from the airport cost? How long does it take?
It costs around 30 €. It takes 40 minutes approximately.
In what kind of a neighbourhood are you?
We are in Madrid city centre.
I am travelling to attend a trade fair at IFEMA: will it be easy to reach from your hotel?
Yes, with no problem. The metro will take you there in less than 40 minutes.

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